IIIF frees up your images to be creatively reused. Because scaling, cropping and zooming become trivial operations, you’re free to concentrate on the important task of providing a great user experience. You also benefit from great image viewing software written and maintained by other people, so no need to reinvent the wheel.

In IIIF, objects are defined as manifests. A manifest is a JSON-LD document that describes the structure of each artwork. The manifests are used in the imagehub to serve images and the technical and administrative metadata needed to view those images in an embedded online viewer. The imagehub features an implementation of the IIIF Presentation API 2.1.1.

Example manifest: http://imagehub.iiif.vlaamsekunstcollectie.be/iiif/2/groeningemuseum.be:1983_GRO0019_I/manifest.json

Find the IIIF Presentation API endpoint at https://imagehub.iiif.vlaamsekunstcollectie.be/iiif/2/

All manifests available in this API endpoint can be found in a top-level IIIF collection at http://imagehub.iiif.vlaamsekunstcollectie.be/iiif/2/collection/top

You can find more information about the IIIF Presentation and Image APIs at iiif.io

Find more information about the Cantaloupe Image server https://cantaloupe-project.github.io/